Missouri Public Entity Risk Management Fund

Member Services

Why Promote A Proactive Risk Management Program:

  1. All public entities will suffer a loss eventually.
  2. Most entities purchase insurance, but insurance only pays for losses - it does not prevent them.
  3. Public officials can take steps to prevent losses and to keep small losses from becoming big losses.
  4. Officials do not need to institute a complicated program to manage risk, they just need to be aware that risks exist and that they can be controlled.
  5. Risk management helps protect the general public and public assets against accidental loss so the government can continue to provide services.

Loss Control Services:

MOPERM’s Loss Control Consultants will make periodic visits to participating member entities to help identify, evaluate and discuss risk exposures and loss control.

Loss Control Consultants may make loss control recommendations to MOPERM members. Any loss control recommendations will be mailed or emailed to the MOPERM member and copied to the entity’s producer. It is suggested the agent work with the MOPERM member officials to implement loss control recommendations.

Member Services:

MOPERM University: An online training resource, MOPERM U provides members with on-demand training courses. Training course areas include Human Resources, Health & Wellness, Management, Productivity, Safety & Environment, Law Enforcement, and Corrections.

Employment Practices Hotline: 1-888-5MOPERM (1-888-566-7376) Member entity officials have access to free advice/counsel from MOPERM’s contracted attorneys on employee discipline and termination, due process, harassment in the workplace, compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and other employment practices issues.

Risk Management Newsletter: A quarterly newsletter distributed to members to alert of trending loss exposures and other MOPERM information.

Training and Education: Orientations and training workshops for new employees, newly elected officials, governing boards, risk managers, etc. Regional seminars on specific insurance exposures such as Employment Practices. Customized presentations are based on an entity’s loss experience and risk management needs. Producers are encouraged to partner with MOPERM to provide training and education as value-added services.