Missouri Public Entity Risk Management Fund

Board of Trustees

The general administration of, and responsibility for, the proper operation of MOPERM, including all decisions relating to payments from the fund, is vested in the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees determines and prescribes the coverages to be offered by MOPERM.

Membership of the Board of Trustees consists of four (4) members who are officers or employees of those public entities participating in the fund. The appointed trustees serve 4-year terms. Additionally, the Attorney General and the Commissioner of Administration serve as members of MOPERM’s Board of Trustees.

The MOPERM Board of Trustees hold regular meetings at least quarterly and special meetings at the call of the chairperson or by consent of any three of the Board members. The meetings are held in Jefferson City and are open meetings subject to compliance with Chapter 610, RSMo, commonly referred to as the Sunshine Law.

Current Board:

Tom Rodenberg, Board Chair and Blue Springs School District General Counsel

Rita Milam, Scott County Clerk

Sarah Steelman, Commissioner of Administration for the State of Missouri

Eric Schmitt, Missouri Attorney General