Missouri Public Entity Risk Management Fund

Become a Member

Interested in becoming a MOPERM member?

MOPERM’s shared risk pool protects over 900 Missouri public entity members. MOPERM would like the opportunity to protect your public entity as well.

Who is Eligible?

All Missouri public entities have the option of participating in MOPERM.

Eligible Missouri public entities include: Cities, Counties, School Districts, Health Departments, Soil & Water Districts, Public Water Supply Districts, Libraries, Special Purpose or Taxing Districts, and any other local public body created by the Missouri General Assembly.

Member Benefits include:

-    Assured Availability of Coverage. MOPERM will not cancel or non-renew a member for any reason other than non-payment.

-    All MOPERM liability coverage is provided on an occurrence basis (not claims-made). MOPERM liability coverage is constructed to provide coverage only for liabilities that affect government entities, in light of sovereign immunity and other immunities unique to public entities. MOPERM members therefore do not pay for unnecessary coverage often offered in other types of insurance policies, and are covered to the full extent that public entities can be found liable.

-    Consistent and Stable Pricing. MOPERM provides consistent pricing and avoids the wide cost fluctuations. Members are able to more accurately predict and budget for their future coverage costs.

For additional member benefits and to learn more about MOPERM, please contact